We all have that typical germaphobe friend. You know, the one who won’t share her drink and makes everyone take their shoes off at the front door. She’s the one that avoids setting her purse on the floor, too.

It turns out that your germaphobe friend isn’t that phobic after all. Well, maybe. According to an article by CBSnews.com, your handbag may contain more germs than the average toilet flush! When researchers from a company called Initial Washroom Hygiene did swab tests on handbags, 20% of them contained more germs than the average toilet flush.

That being said, infectious disease specialist Dr. Soranan Segal-Maurer from New York Hospital-Queens also told CBS New York that it’s “highly unlikely someone would get sick from their handbag, but it’s still important to take precautions to stop the spread of germs.” In light of Covid... we agree!

So how do our handbags collect so many germs and how can we prevent it? If you haven’t figured it out by now, your bag collects a whole lot of bacteria and germs when you set it on highly tracked surfaces like the floor as well as countertops and seats. This is one of many reasons Bagnet founder, Kelley Daring, invented the Bagnet.

Bagnet is designed to be clipped to your bag’s strap or hardware and left there as a cute but surprisingly functional accessory. It actually contains strong rare-earth magnets that hold your bag off the floor (and out of the way). From public restroom stalls to outdoor cafes, breweries, bars, restaurants, in your car, at the office, or while you’re shopping, Bagnet comes to the rescue in dozens of places. Curious to see Bagnet in action?


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