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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will Bagnet hold?
Do luxury, leather and Bagnet sport hold different weights?
How much weight will Bagnet mini hold?
The loop on my Bagnet sport and mini stretches when I use it, will it break?
Is there latex in Bagnet sport or mini?
What's the difference between sport and luxury/leather Bagnets?
Where can I use my Bagnet?
Will Bagnet damage my credit cards or cell phone?
Is Bagnet safe for use around car key fobs, tiles, apple watch, and airpods?
Can Bagnet go through airport security?
Will Bagnet support the weight of my bag?
Why doesn't Bagnet support my bag on the refrigerator?
Is Bagnet safe for use near pacemakers or personal medical devices such as insulin pumps?
My Bagnet bends in the middle, is it broken?
How is Bagnet better than other purse hooks?

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