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Theft Defense with Bagnet

Theft Defense with Bagnet


A common question we hear is, "will Bagnet make it easier for someone to steal my purse?". We've received many testimonials about Bagnet protecting against theft, but we've never heard one about Bagnet aiding theft. Keep reading for some of our customers' experiences.

Theft Defense with Bagnet


"Even Duane 'The Rock' Johnson couldn’t steal my purse." -Shery via Facebook

"I even had an instance where my purse was saved because of your product. Someone tried to take my purse off my shopping cart and the magnet held. Sure they could have ripped it off but they were so shocked they just took off!" -Nicole via email

"I just got mine and used it connected to the shopping cart. Hubby thought he'd be cute and try to 'lift' my purse without me knowing (just to freak me out) and the Bagnet held to the cart. He said 'what the heck is that thing?' So it also doubles as a security device!!" -Luanna via Facebook


For the safest experience, we recommend using Bagnet in inconspicuous locations that are within your arm's reach, rather than highly visible spots. Examples include table legs and bases, and at seat level in restroom stalls. The safest place for your bag while shopping is on your body.

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