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It's that time of year when it seems like everyone has been sick or is getting sick.

Did you know that studies have found more germs on a woman's handbag than on the average toilet? Think about it, they go everywhere with us and many women put them on the floor without a second though, including the bathroom floor. Then, you may go home and put it on your kitchen table or on your couch, spreading those germs.

If you're a germaphobe or if you just want to prevent getting sick from the spread of bacteria, check out my favorite items for cleaning and purifying the things around me!

Phone Soap

Your phone is also one of the items that you use daily that has more germs than the average public toilet. With the phone soap, you can kill the bacteria with UV lights in under 10 minutes while also charging it!


This one is obvious, hand sanitizer. Of course, you can use whichever one you prefer, but this one is made with a plant based alcohol and vitamin E, so it won't dry out your hands.


Of course! Use Bagnet to magnetize your bag to stall walls in bathrooms, door frames in single-user restrooms, restaurant table bases, barstools... the list goes on. The less you put your bag on the floor, the cleaner it will stay!

Levoit Air Purifier

This is great for your home or your office. If someone coughs or sneezes, their germs are in the air and this can help to filter them out. Along with smoke, food smells, allergens, mold, etc.

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