Bagnet Testimonials

Bagnet Testimonials

We love to hear about how you've used your Bagnets in place of purse hooks or anywhere else for that matter!  Email your stories or post them to one of our social media pages and we'll share them with our customers on this page.  Oh, and we love to see photos of your Bagnet in action!
  • I would like to share an experience I had the other day where your product saved the day. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work, and while I typically keep my backpack purse on my shoulder/back when loading grocery bags into my car for some reason this trip I left it sitting in the child's seat of the cart. A teenager was suddenly at my cart and had grabbed my purse and was moving quickly away. Before I realized what was happening, the Bagnet hit the metal cart with a super loud "thwack" and the teenager, realizing the bag was not coming out of the cart easily, immediately released his grip and took off running across the parking lot leaving my purse hanging from the cart. Not only did the Bagnet prevent my wallet from being stolen, but, I had medical equipment and medications inside my purse that would have been expensive and a hassle to replace. 

    I have included a picture of the Bagnet holding my purse to the cart in this email. While snapping the picture, the woman whose car was parked next to mine came out of the store and asked about my hanging purse. I couldn't help but share the story with her and about Bagnet. Keep up the good work! - Erica, Richmond CA

    •  Ok, this Bagnet is freaking AMAZING!!!!!! I've shown EVERY co-worker in my hospital my Bagnet!!!! Your sales should go up today . . . I swear I've demonstrated it 300 times! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!!!!!  -Mikki Wiley, Lake Dallas, TX
    • I am so pleased with my recent purchase - absolute genius! The Bagnet has provided a solution to my handbag problem. Thanks so much. Keep up the fine work!  -Ann Miele, New Jersey
    • I use the small grocery cart to shop so my purse goes on the bottom shelf in the back, but just to make it more hard to snatch, I hook the Bagnet on the cart frame. It takes a tough pull to break the grip of the magnet. I love it more than I thought I would.  -Jan Ford, San Antonio
    • This is the best product I have ever bought on the internet! -Mary Fetch, Facebook
    • Love my Bagnet!!! I use it to hold my keys when I go to the grocery store. I take only my phone (Apple Pay) and keys and don't feel like holding my keys so they stay securely on my shopping cart until I need them! Just one of the many uses of my Bagnet!!!! -Shannon Stanton McFerren, Facebook
    • I bought this product on a whim one day after watching their product video. I didn't have too high of hopes for it, but I thought it was a cool idea and might come in handy. After receiving it, I couldn't believe how amazing the quality is and how handy it comes in literally every day! I use this alllllll the time! It's great for holding your bag in the bathroom stalls (and really can hold some serious weight, my camera bag + laptop bag even held up!). It's also great for a quick key holder in your bag. Either clipped outside or inside, it clings to your keys and you wont have too worry about them falling off or being able to find them. I love it for throwing my keys against it on my cross body bag while carrying grocerys and stuff from my car to my apartment. I talk about this product to everyone and obsessed with it. I want one in brown to match a few other bags of mine! Can't wait to purchase more from this amazing company! Thank you for the great customer service and super fast shipping! Five stars from me!                           

              - Lindsay, verified purchaser review for Veronica Bagnet

      •  I love your Bagnet. It is super strong and can hold up my heavy purse. I was skeptical but I tried it anyway - works perfectly. Thank you so much. -Kathy Kuzma, Holly MI
      •  Love, love, love your product, thank you so much. -Yolanda Espinoza
      • I love my Bagnet! Yesterday I showed it to my friend Juanita, and she ordered one. I came home and ordered me another one in black! -Georgia McMannes
      • My front door is metal and it's perfect as I always know where it is. Also, wrap the handle around you grocery cart and an anti-theft device as well. The extra pull is a surprise. -Kathy Cox, Las Vegas NV

      • Love love love the Bagnet. Why didn't I think of that???   LOL  Bought 2 ~~~ waiting to share with my girlfriend next weekend. Great product!!! -Kristie Weiss, Bonita Springs FL

      •  I received my Bagnet, and I did not test it on the refrigerator. I tested it in the bathroom stall, and it works great. Absolutely love it. Thank you so much. I bought two of them thinking I would give one as a gift, NOT, I kept them both for myself. Again thank you. -Lane Marlow, Henderson NV
      • Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Bagnet, it works like a charm, and I'm going to give them to all my girlfriends! -Danalisa Blanton, Arlington VA
      • Got my Bagnet a few weeks ago. LOVE it so much. I have used it under a restaurant table, and it held tight and no one realized it was there the whole time. Works so well at holding my keys inside the top edge of my bag--no more hunting in the bottom for them. And I have stuck my bag on the outside of my car while loading groceries into the trunk--awesome!  Highly recommend getting a Bagnet to anyone who wants to securely hold their bag and have their hands free! -Margret Harris, Mentor OH
      • I am so impressed with my Bagnet. I cannot believe how strong it is! I have been telling everyone about it and I cannot wait to purchase more for my friends and family. It's the perfect gift and it's so useful! It's also great to find my keys quickly in my bag! I love it so much! Thank you for making such a great product! 5 star rating from me! -Lindsay Huffman, OH

      • I received my Bagnet this week and just love it.  It came in the new packaging and it is really impressive.  I will be purchasing more for gifts.  Wonderful idea. -Judi Sarner, CA

      • When I saw your video on Facebook, I was amazed at the simplicity and the functionality. It was just before Valentine’s day, and I knew that my wife would love it. I promptly ordered one under her name. When it arrived, I hid the box in my desk and showed her the video. She was amazed and enthusiastically said “I want one”. I opened the desk drawer and handed her the box. I think it was one of the better Valentines gifts I have ever purchased for her.

        You know they say word of mouth is the best advertisement. She has been sharing this enthusiastically with every one of her friends. -Bill Gradwell, VA

      • I bought 10 Bagnets for friends and family this Christmas and I know they will be a great hit with my gal pals in several states! Brilliant concept that works really well!  -Susie LaPointe
      •  I LOVE my Bagnet!  Thank you so much!!  -Barrie; Mom, Wife, Avid Reader and Coffee Addict
      • Best idea ever. Women everywhere are doing backflips . Seriously a genius idea. And super friendly, warm people. No high pressure sales, just one fabulous product. -Del Mar, CA
      • So glad I had my Bagnet! No where to put my bag, small nuts was the only metal, but it worked!  -Debra Alexander, Facebook

      • Thanking God for my Bagnet right about now.  -Nicole, Sacramento


      • Read an article in the @sacbee_news today about the @BagnetCompany - what an ingenious idea for hanging up purses!  - @kac044, Twitter (read the article here) 
      • @bagnetcompany Love these! As evidenced by how many I own. Here's the Lisa at a movie theater w/ metal back seats.  - @knitterRTT, Twitter


      • #wildhorsewinery #thebagnet  -lauralu76

      • Thank goodness for BAGNET™! The bathroom & floor was pretty gross  -Nancy, Woodland


      •  I have, I use, I love  -Meshell Yvette Pozzi, Facebook
      • I ordered two Bagnets™ for keeping the kids' backpacks off the mud room floor!

      • My all time favorite bag is a 25+ year old Dooney & Bourke Plaza bag, I have it in 3 colors.  I know it sounds weird, but if you are a shoe and purse person I KNOW you understand. My Bagnet™ was a gift and keeps my beloved Dooney safe and clean wherever I go.  -Deb, Ohio

      • Missing hook Bagnet™ saved the day! I didn't have to hold my bag nor put it on the nasty floor! Yuck!  -Shawna, Facebook
      • I think every woman who carries a purse should own a Bagnet™ and I only wish this was invented a loooooong time ago!  -Bernadette Chenard-Hsing, Foster City, CA
      • I found another use for my Bagnet™ at work!  -Lisa Reynolds, Seattle, WA
        • No bathroom hook no problem I have my Bagnet™!  -jenmariekirk, Instagram

        • Loading the trunk with two kids is much easier with Bagnet™  -Sarah, Sacramento

        • We're on a roll today sitting at the bar high top table nowhere to put our purse! Loving my ‪#‎Bagnet‬™ -jenmariekirk, Instagram

        • Out and about... Didn't want to put my purse on the ground or table  -alligirl86, Instagram

        • Bagnet™ working over time at the track meet and dinner on Friday, no purse hook required!  -Kelley, Sacramento


        • This has been a real "purse saver" if you own a Bagnet™ you will never wonder what to do with your purse in the bathroom stall without a purse hook again.  -Imogene, Facebook
        • At a bridal shower today which was outdoors.  No where to set my purse so Bagnet™ saved the day....  -Nancy,  Sacramento

        • Finally put my #Bagnet™ to use. Holds up your purse when no purse hook is available.  This will help out a lot in Disneyland!! Avoid dirty floors! Check it out @thebagnet  -nancy_m_arz, Instagram

        • I received my Bagnet™ a few days ago and it's already saved me twice! This thing rocks!! I'm ordering one for all my friends, they're going to love it!  -Laura, San Francisco
        • I must admit I was skeptical about whether a Bagnet™ would hold my purse but it works every time and I couldn't be happier.  I even used it on a table in Starbucks yesterday!  -Kate, Boston
        • My Mom bought a Bagnet™ and it's so cute!  We were washing our hands and the countertop was wet so she used it on the stall wall right next to the sink - worked like a charm.  Can't wait to get mine!  -Lisa, San Diego