How much weight will Bagnet hold?

The weight Bagnet holds depends on the object you're hanging it on. For instance, if you were to try it on your refrigerator it would hold very little weight - just a pound or two (or not at all if it's stainless steel). If you use it on commercial grade metal such as bar stools, table bases, restaurant chairs, etc, it holds anywhere from 8 to 10 pounds. It also depends on if the metal is flat or curved, textured or smooth. This is why we recommend trying it for yourself in multiple environments and situations.

Do Luxury, Leather and Bagnet Sport hold different weights?

No, our leather and rubber Bagnets hold the same amount of weight.

How much weight will Bagnet MINI hold?

Just like Luxury and Sport Bagnets, the weight that Mini will hold depends on the object you're hanging it on. If hanging from commercial grade metal, Bagnet Mini will hold approximately 3-4 pounds.

How much weight will Bagnet Kids hold?

Just like other Bagnets, the weight that Kids will hold depends on the object you're hanging it on. If hanging from commercial grade metal, Bagnet Kids will hold up to approximately 7 pounds.

The loop on my Bagnet Sport, Mini, and Kids stretches when I use it, will it break?

No, the molded rubber is designed to stretch when in use and return to its original size and shape when not in use.

Is there latex in Bagnet Sport, Mini, or Kids?

No, our silicone rubber Bagnets are latex-free.

What's the difference between Sport and Luxury/Leather Bagnets?
  • Sport Bagnets are molded rubber, made with no animal products, and can be washed with soap and water to clean. The magnetic strength is the same on both sides, and the rubber is designed to stretch when in use and return to its original size and shape when not in use. Sport Bagnets do not need to be broken in to maximize their weight capacity.
  • Luxury Bagnets are handmade with real leather and can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. The non-logo side features thinner leather for a stronger magnetic connection. Luxury Bagnets should be broken in to maximize the amount of weight they can hold. To break in, repeatedly bend the leather Bagnet where the two magnets  meet to stretch, soften, and loosen the leather on the backside.
Where can I use my Bagnet?

Bagnet can be used as a purse hanger or bag hook in endless situations and on countless objects: restroom stall walls, restroom fixtures (like waste bins), metal door frames, restaurant table legs & bases, metal chairs, on your car, at the movies (under the flipped up seat next to you), metal fence posts and railings, metal desk components at the office, shopping carts, and more!  Women are finding new uses for their Bagnets every day!

Will Bagnet damage my credit cards or cell phone? 

After thorough testing, we've determined that Bagnet will not damage credit cards or cell phones and are safe for use on the exterior or interior of your purse.  Items such as thin/cheap cards with magnetic stripes (think parking garage tickets and hotel key cards) should be stored away from Bagnet as they are easily demagnetized.

To erase the data held in the magnetic strip of a credit card, it requires rubbing a magnet with a magnetic field (gauss) of 4000 directly on the strip of the card. Our magnets have a magnetic field of 1796 and are encased in leather. In addition, magnets do not affect credit card chips at all. Bagnet will not erase the data on your credit cards. If you would like to read about this please visit this webpage: https://www.kjmagnetics.com/blog.asp?p=magnetic-stripes
Is Bagnet safe for use near pacemakers or personal medical devices such as insulin pumps? 

Bagnet should not be used by or near persons with pacemakers, nor should it be used or stored near personal medical devices as it contains strong magnets.

Is Bagnet safe for use around car key fobs, Tiles, Apple Watch, and AirPods?

Extensive testing has not been done on these items so we do not recommend or discourage use on or in close proximity to these items.

Can Bagnet go through airport security?

It's safe to travel with Bagnet, and it can go through airport security and screening devices. We do suggest tucking it into your bag while going through screening as it may be attracted to the conveyor belt metal. 

Will Bagnet support the weight of my bag?

Absolutely. Bagnets are designed to support bags of all shapes and sizes. When used as directed and on commercial grade metals, we are certain that Bagnet will hold your bag but if you are unsatisfied for any reason return it immediately for a full refund.

Why doesn't Bagnet support my bag on the refrigerator?

Refrigerators have a thin veneer of metal with a weak magnetic pull. Metal stall walls and metal door frames are much thicker and have a greater magnetic force which means they're better able to hold a heavy bag with Bagnet.

My Bagnet bends in the middle, is it broken?

Bagnets contain two magnets to allow some flex when pulling it off a surface.  It will bend and crease in the middle where the two magnets meet. This also allows you to form it around curved metal objects.

How is Bagnet better than other purse hooks?

Bagnet works in situations where a typical purse hook is inconvenient or useless.  Purse hooks currently on the market are designed to be used on horizontal surfaces and edges and are not attachable to vertical surfaces.  Other purse hooks when used over the door of a restroom stall leave you susceptible to theft, while Bagnet hangs your purse at a safe height making it inaccessible to thieves.  Bagnet also comes in handy as a purse hanger on your car while you load and unload, and on metal posts when you need your hands free.