Kelley's Summer Favorites

Front Porch Style to Set the Season

"With the summer season, sunlight is the biggest element to consider when it comes to styling your front porch. Pairing sunlight and that warm summer breeze with the textures of wood rocking chairs, light blankets and colorful seasonal flowers creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere."

Watch as Kelley creates the perfect summery entrance for her California home below.

Kelley's tips to creating inviting entryways this season.

Start with the biggest items – that’s your furniture pieces. Kelley loves wood rocking chairs

Consider a side table big enough for a couple of drinks and a book

Put down a decorative doormat

Layer in some plants, starting with the largest

Flowers in baskets can add subtle texture and interest

Add a small ceramic garden stool, then more flowers in pots made of natural materials like terra cotta and clay

Don’t forget a small plant on top of the table

Adjust the placement of things as you go

Odd numbers rule in the design world, so arrange your items in groups of 3. You may want to include a watering can in one of your groupings

As a final touch, drape a light blanket over a rocking chair or other furniture as well as a couple of throw pillows. The pillows don’t need to match, but keep them in the same neutral color family

Pour yourself a drink and enjoy your newly styled porch!

Kelley in her kitchen after crafting the delicious and refreshing White Linen Mocktail

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