Summer Flower Arranging


"One of my favorite summer pastimes is morning strolls through local farmer's markets with armfuls of fresh cut flowers, and spending warm afternoons creating beautiful arrangements to fill my home. There's nothing like a house full of the fresh floral aromas to set the day for summer activities."

Watch Kelley use her design skills to create a bountiful arrangement here.

Summer Flower Arranging

Kelley's tips to creating beautiful arrangements this season.

  1. Find some beautiful fresh flowers at your local farmer’s market, flower shop, or grocer. They can be all different shapes and sizes
  2. Lay out a variety of vases and florals on a clean surface
  3. Make sure to remove all the leaves from the stems
  4. Cut the stems at an angle to match the height of the vase
  5. Use contrasting foliage to create a dynamic effect
  6. Be creative and have fun! Play with different heights and shapes to see what looks good
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