The Perfect Summer Evening Outfit


"When it comes to warm summer evenings, I go for easy, breezy outfits that are styled, yet seasonally casual and help me stay cool."

Watch Kelley as she marries design and function to create the perfect summer evening outfit.

Kelley's go-tos for creating fashion statements this season.

  1. Wide leg linen pants
  2. Neutral sandals
  3. Cotton tank
  4. Dainty jewelry
  5. Incorporate fun textures, especially in your bag
  6. A fun Bagnet to tie it all together and keep your bag off the floor

The Perfect Summer Evening Outfit

Remember to keep your overall palette neutral and your fabrics comfortable. Use your accessories to dress up (or down) the outfit by incorporating textures and colors to play up your personality.

Most of all: Have fun with it!

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