• Are You Afraid of Color?

    Are You Afraid of Color?

    I’ve recently been chatting with lots of ladies who claim to be “afraid of color” in their wardrobe. These darlings tend to stick to grays, blacks, and browns because they’re confident they can’t go wrong with a color that “goes with everything”. Many of these ladies have expressed a desire to introduce color into their wardrobe but are not sure where to begin. With...
  • Street Style: Fringe Benefits: 4 Ways To Incorporate Fringe Into Your Wardrobe

    Street Style: Fringe Benefits: 4 Ways To Incorporate Fringe Into Your Wardrobe

    What is “street style”?Street style is simply last season’s runway trends that have actually gained traction with real women. While some high-fashion, haute couture trends are completely unrealistic for 99.9% of women, others easily translate to accessible, wearable trends. Street styles are the trends us everyday women embrace and wear with fervor!By far my favorite street style trend right now is fringe. Fringe can...
  • 10 Must-Have Spring Bags

    10 Must-Have Spring Bags

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    We've searched high and low for this season's best bags, from splurge-worthy cross-bodies to totes that will do minimum damage to your wallet!  Below find our top 10 swoon-worthy selections: The Hunter Original Rubber Fringe Pouch Bag packs quite a trendy punch in its little body. Featuring fringe, pastel hues, and color blocking, you'll get your money's worth in the trend department, making it...
  • Bagnet Is Alive!

    Bagnet Is Alive!

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