Work Bag Essentials With Bagnet10 Essential Items in Your Work BagSunglasses. Protect your eyes and look mysterious while doing it.Bagnet Mini + Keys. No more digging for your keys. Just attach to the full size bagnet on your purse.Phone. For Emergencies and to utilize all those apps your downloaded for no reason.Phone Charger. Kepp that phone over 50%.Notebook + Pens. Make quick notes, details on how to take over the world.Make Up. You don't need it. But who doesn't love a red lip?Perfume. Smell great at all times.Hand Sanitizer. Keep those hands clean!Mask. Back-up mask for all those times you forget your cute one!Bagnet. Keep your bag out of sticky situations with Bagnet. Hold up to 8 lbs so can carry all this and more.Top 5 Air Travel Tips with Bagnet
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