What can you use your Bagnet mini on?

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The Bagnet mini is the newest addition to the Bagnet family. The mini is the smaller (cuter) version of the Bagnet that contains just one magnet instead of two.
So why would you want a smaller Bagnet? Well, because sometimes you simply don't need the strength of the original Bagnet. Check out all of the items we've been using our minis on!
The first two are probably the most obvious: a clutch and a wallet. If you're not a purse person or if you're heading out for the night and just need a small clutch, the mini is perfect to handle those smaller bags!
Jackets: another one that we have seen Bagnet customers use their original Bagnets for. Now, you can keep your large Bagnet for your bag and use a mini to hang your jacket! Perfect for restrooms where there may be a hook, but you have many things to hang.
Keys: I love using this when I'm on a roadtrip and stop for a bathroom break. I typically just take my keys, but there's no where clean to put them down! Bagnet saves the day again.
Water bottle: of course, you have to have a water bottle with some type of handle on the top to hook it to, but luckily, these aren't too hard to find. This is great for the gym when there isn't a water bottle holder on a particular machine and you want to keep it within reach and off the ground.
Small towels: another one perfect for the gym. It keeps you towel from falling to the floor and within reach when you need it! I love to use it on the bikes in spin class!
Another great use: for your umbrella on a rainy day!
What have you used your Bagnet Mini on to keep off of the floor?

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  • Posted on by amanda

    I wanted to order some mini magnets but I don’t see them….. are they not available anymore?

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