Unexpected ways to use a Bagnet! 😱


Here are a few unexpected ways to use a Bagnet!


  • Posted on by Dayle Henshel

    Currently using the sport/flexible version. It holds my backpack purse safely and conveniently off the floor on my (painted metal) front door. And often off the floor at restaurants, and on some bathroom doors.
    Unusual use: Two older sport versions are currently in use holding my very old refrigerator’s door closed. . Before I thought of this, we were having trouble keeping it closed due to ancient and mostly non-functional door seal. The two Bagnets are horizontally aligned, covering the space between refrigerator body and door, making it easy to flip up to open door. They stay in place on stationary section while door is open, and it’s easy to re-close. The strong magnets make this a perfect seal, protecting and saving the food inside.

  • Posted on by Tammi Velez

    I am usually able to hang my bag in a bathroom, somehow, with the bagnet.

    One place where the Bagnet is FABULOUS is on a cruise ship. The cabin walls are metallic, so magnets, especially strong magnets with something to grab to help pull them off, are much appreciated.

  • Posted on by Michelle Parker

    I was super excited to try the bagnet. It works just like it’s supposed to BUT like the other customer mentioned, bathroom stalls and tables aren’t made with metal that the bagnet can attach to. So it kind of defeats the MAIN purpose. I still think it’s a great idea.

  • Posted on by Lynda
    When I find a bathroom door made is a non metal, Bagnet will usually work on the hinge.
  • Posted on by Susan
    I had high hopes for my Bagnet but unfortunately I’m not finding that businesses are using materials that will allow my Bagnet to adhere. Disneyland is an example of restrooms with stalls made of some type of material that a magnet is of no use. And this is the case in many places I’ve tried to hang my purse around the world. I’m very disappointed not in Bagnet but in places I’d like to use it but can’t.

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