Top 5 Air Travel Tips with BagnetWear Your Heaviest Outfit to the Airport. Some airlines have weight limits when it comes to checked luggage. the less heavy things your have in your bags, the less you have to worry about going over the weight limit. So wear layers.Pack your most important items in your carry on. It is possible for our checked luggage to get lost while traveling! Having your most important items in your carry on will insure that you don't lose them.Be the last one to board. Why stand in line when you don't have to? Plus it gives you more chances to get upgraded to available seats.Bring a Bagnet. It is safe to travel with Bagnet, and it can go through airport security and screening devices. We do suggest tucking it into your bag while going through screening as it may be attracted to the conveyor belt metal. Use a Bagnet in Airport restrooms, keep your purse off the floor and out of sticky situations.

Bagnet comes in clutch while traveling. Wherever you go Bagnet has your bag.

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