Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is right around the corner again! While we love the holidays (especially the food), we are also aware it can be a difficult and draining time of year for some. So we are here for you with a couple of easy tips to survive the holiday.

1. Wine, lots of wine. White, red, mulled, whatever you prefer.

2. Comfortable clothes. Do yourself a favor and wear some stretchy pants or a dress. That way you won't have to suffer after the biggest meal of the year. Wear a long sweater with leggings or a dress with tights (or without if you live in a warmer area).


3. Table Topics. These are a great tool for dinner parties, but especially for family dinners when you want to avoid certain topics (ahem, politics). There are different types of sets, including the appropriate family or family gathering set! Click here to check them out.


4. Desert, with more wine, of course. Having delicious desert to look forward to can make the day a little easier. Ge the recipe for these pumpkin cheesecake bars here.

5. Earbuds. Just in case the politics conversation does happen, you can just slip in your headphones and drown out the sound...


In all seriousness, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy the holiday with your family!

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