• A Small Business Journey

    A Small Business Journey

    Ultimately, Bagnet exists to make women’s lives easier, better, and more beautiful and that’s what keeps us going. It’s why we continue to meet these challenges head on, so we can support our customers!
  • Bagnet Glows Up

    Bagnet Glows Up

    When I started Bagnet in 2015, my goal was to offer a product that would make women’s lives easier and better. I focused on doing that to the best of my ability and 6 years later, I, my team, and Bagnet have hit our stride and we are ready for the next chapter.
  • New Digs + Mindset

    New Digs + Mindset

    Whew! The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster for the Bagnet team. Like many companies mid-pandemic we started working exclusively from home...
  • Bagnet Turns Five!

    Bagnet Turns Five!

    I’ve talked a lot about the process of building my company over the past 5 years, so I thought this anniversary I would share my pre-Bagnet story and the completely unexpected path that has brought me where I am today.
  • A Year of Giving

    A Year of Giving

    Bagnet is a company for women, by women. Our goal is to have a positive impact on as many women's lives as possible, making lives easier one Bagnet at a time. We are beyond excited to continue giving and growing.
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