• Bagnet is Designing a Line of Handbags!

    Bagnet is Designing a Line of Handbags!

    I am so excited (and scared sh*tless TBH) to announce that I am designing a line of bags for Bagnet! You may be asking “have you ever designed handbags before?” Nope. “Do you have a background in fashion accessories?” No I do not. “Do you even have a background in design?!” Yes! I have a BA in interior design! One out of three ain’t...
  • Summer Bag Must Haves

    Summer Bag Must Haves

    It's Summer for a few more weeks! Here's a quick list of our top 5 essentials for things in our Summer time bag. You definitely don't want to be caught on your Summer vacation without these essentials! 1. Sunscreen: So, sunscreen is important to wear everyday, but especially in the Summer when you'll probably find yourself out in the sun more than usual.  We...
  • Bagnet's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

    Bagnet's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

      The holidays are upon us and we are SOOO ready to focus on the joy of the holidays after the drama of this presidential election! It's our favorite time of year, when we get to shop for beautiful gifts for our loved ones, and even do a little shopping for ourselves. This year we put together a gift guide full of affordable gifts...
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