From red carpet events and fashion editorials to street style and our favorite stores, color blocking is everywhere. The main principle of the color blocking trend is to combine different colors and hues.

The main rule of color blocking is to avoid sharp contrasts. Choose a pair of complementary hues, such as blue with dark blue, pink with red, or lilac with purple to start with.

Don’t want to jump all in and color block a whole outfit? No problem. Just add one of our double-sided bagnets to your bag for a hint of this trend you can take with you everywhere.

Sequins, sparkles, and metallics. Oh my.

Why does everyone love the sparkle trend? It’s about memories and feeling good. We all associate sparkles with joy. So it makes sense that after such dark days people want to bring some light back into their lives.

Try out our metallic Bagnet Champagne to add a little sparkle to any bag.

Vibrant bright colors are in.

People are feeling more optimistic this year and showing it through wearing fun colors.

Here are our top 3 Bagnets to fit this colorful trend.

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