Last Minute Costume Ideas

Last Minute Costume Ideas

It's Friday night before Halloween and if you're anything like me, you don't have a costume yet. While you could go out and buy an overpriced costume from a store, I prefer to get creative and DIY it. Check out some of my favorite options you can whip up this weekend!

1. Cactus

This trendy costume is creative, cute, and easy! All you need is a green dress or sweatpants/top, pink flowers for you hair, and something to for the cactus spikes. You could use pipe cleaners, yarn, or even clothes pins. Just glue them all over and you're done! check out this one by Studio DIY 


2. Where's Waldo?

This is a pretty common costume, probably because it's so easy to throw together. You might even have everything already in your closet! You just need a beanie, a red and white striped top, blue jeans, and some black glasses. Grab a cane for extra points.

3. Strawberry/Fruit

There are plenty of fruits that would make for an easy DIY costume (pineapple, watermelon slice), but the strawberry is my favorite! Just get a red dress and some construction paper and get to gluing! Check out this DIY 


What are you dressing up as this year? Do you prefer to make your costumes or buy them?

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