The Gemini Bagnet attached to a table with an iced coffee and pastry.1 The Gemini Bagnet


The color of the season

Since Lavender is a perfect in summer and is now suddenly popular for fall, it’s really a year-around trend.

1 The Gemini Bagnet


A nod to the 90’s

Leopard print has withstood the test of time, but in the ‘90s, it was all the rage. Animal print really was everywhere, from hats to coats and dresses. The 90’s had some misses but lepoard print was and is a hit!

1 The Gemini Bagnet


Bright like a diamond

Metallics are trending, even just a splash of shine can make an outfit glisten. So hop on this trend and keep your bag off the floor with one (or more) of our metallic Bagnets.

1 The Gemini Bagnet


Is Back... Did it leave?

Black has never gone out of style and it never will. Classic, sophisticated, and strong and works as a neutral. Yes please!

1 The Gemini Bagnet


Bright, bold, and ready for attention.

The notion of florals is normally identified with the coming of spring, but this fall, expect to see the popular print everywhere.

1 The Gemini Bagnet

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