DIY Vanity Tray

As much as we love bags, purses, and especially BAGNETS(!), we also love all things girly, pretty, and feminine.  And we especially love those things if they are born from a fun DIY project that costs only a few dollars to complete!
Enter our DIY Vanity Tray.  It sits on the bathroom countertop and wrangles some of the prettier items worthy of being displayed, such as fave lipsticks, makeup brushes, oil, and perfumes. You can make your own in minutes and its guaranteed to make you feel elegant and chic each morning and evening as you go about your bathroom routine.
To make your own vanity tray, find an old picture frame (or purchase a new one) and remove the easel stand from the back. Remove the glass and mat and spray paint the frame a matte champagne gold (or any other color you prefer). Once dry, clean the glass and re-insert it. Use the mat as a template to cut out the centerpiece of your tray (we used a Beverly Hills Hotel paper bag. Other options include pretty wrapping paper, fabric, a designer logo, or an inspirational quote. Get creative!).  Spray the back of the mat with spray adhesive and adhere the centerpiece to it.  After applying pressure until dry, re-insert the mat in the frame and close it up. Add it to your vanity and adorn with a few of your prettiest beauty items (not too many, you want to see some of the pretty tray) and voila - you have a one-of-a-kind vanity tray!

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