Bagnet is Designing a Line of Handbags!

I am so excited (and scared sh*tless TBH) to announce that I am designing a line of bags for Bagnet!
You may be asking “have you ever designed handbags before?” Nope. “Do you have a background in fashion accessories?” No I do not. “Do you even have a background in design?!” Yes! I have a BA in interior design! One out of three ain’t bad right?
Although I may not technically be qualified to design and launch a line of handbags, I have spent the last 4 years living and breathing all things handbag-related. I have learned what women like and don’t like, what they want and don’t want, and what they find valuable in regards to design and function. Although there are SO many handbag companies and products available to shoppers, I still see a gap in the market. In large retail stores I find it difficult to find bags in the $100-$300 range that are unique, interesting, and not heavily branded. I also find it difficult to find beautifully-made bags that are not luxury level with a 2K-3K price tag. So many brands have a very prescriptive offering: leather, structured, heavily branded. I am drawn to artisan makers of handbags because there is a greater opportunity to find something unique, but it is difficult to find artisan bags that are visually interesting. They are typically well made but very plain, usually in one color and one leather.
My mission for Bagnet’s line of bags is this: I want to offer bags that are beautifully made, visually interesting, user-friendly, affordable, and diverse in style. I want to make bags that will make other women stop you on the street to ask “where did you get that bag?!” I’m talking about a variety of interesting shapes, materials, textures, and hardware. Non-prescriptive. No huge logos. Compelling. Striking.
In three words my mission is this: No boring bags.
I am just in the beginning stages of designing this line and I have decided that I want to take our followers and customers along for the ride. As I move through the process I will be sharing progress every step of the way. I want your thoughts and feedback and will be asking for your input on things such as colors, materials, design, and functionality. Some updates will be shared on Facebook and in blog posts but I’ll be doing this primarily through Instagram posts and Instagram Stories, so if you’d like to be a part of the birth of a bag line then please follow @thebagnet on Instagram.
I am so excited to include you, our enthusiastic community of supporters and fans, on this journey. Be on the lookout for some bag-related posts soon and thanks for reading!


  • Posted on by Beckie Biedebach

    I am with you – many boring bags on the market and nothing that says “I have to have that bag”…and the prices are ridiculous for what you get. A med to large tote is the perfect size and med to thick handles so they don’t gouge into your shoulders and 2 interior pockets with a magnet closure…right up your ally ! Can’t wait to see your line !

  • Posted on by Avery

    Women, now more than ever, need a leather purse with a lot of inside organizational pockets but big enough to hold a spare large diaper or two, and a sturdy non-imprintable outside pocket to hold their concealed gun for protection as more women are now getting concealed weapon permits and need that quick access outside pocket to hold their mid sized handgun. However, keep in mind the pocket fabric cannot show the outline of the gun which is what they call an “imprint” as that is not considered being concealed legally so it would have to be thicker leather not thin flimsy leather or material.

  • Posted on by Joan Caruso

    I love a bag that has several (way more than 3) card holders and a zippered pocket so I can carry my credit cards, license, and cash without a separate wallet to pull out. I have only found crossbodies with these features. Crossbodies are okay, but I need it to be large enough to fit my glasses case, cell phone, sunglasses without looking like it is bulging! Let me know if you design something like this.

  • Posted on by May Sherree

    Congratulations & good luck on designing a line of bags for Bagnet!

  • Posted on by Jenifer B.
    I am very excited about this project! I am really hoping to find more vegan purse options that are affordable. I would love to see your bagnets offered in vegan “leather” as well. ❤️

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