Bag Line Update!


About 6 months ago I announced my plan to design a line of handbags and take our followers along for the ride. From sketches to material selections to prototypes and samples, I wanted our loyal fans and followers to not only see the progress of the bag line but to have a voice in some of the design decisions. For the past 6 months I’ve done that through the Bagnet website, Instagram, and Facebook pages but we’ve progressed far enough to begin our journey together on the handbag line’s very own page – Kelley Daring Handbags! So you may be asking yourself – what’s gonna be so special about KD handbags?

In the (huge) world of handbags, I see a gap in the market. In large retail stores I find it difficult to find bags in the $100-$300 range that are unique, interesting, and not heavily branded (I’m looking at you bags with repeating logo prints). I also find it difficult to find high quality bags that are not luxury level (ahem,2K price tag). Soooo many brands have such a prescriptive offering: leather, structured, heavily branded. Where are the unique bags? Where are the compelling, striking bags that make you stop in your tracks and say “I HAVE to have that bag”? Where are the exciting materials and gorgeous colors? I love me some black and brown but c’mon! We need some showstoppers in our collections! That’s where Kelley Daring Handbags comes in. My mission is to create bags that are beautifully made, remarkable, user-friendly, affordable, and diverse in style. In more succinct terms: NO BORING BAGS. Non-prescriptive, no huge logos; compelling, striking.

I am about 6 months away from launching our initial collection and as promised, I am sooo eager to share each step with you! As we move through the next several months I’ll be posting about the progress and sharing prototypes, materials, challenges, thoughts, feelings (like holy sh*t this is a scary venture, am I crazy?!) and more. I love all the support, enthusiasm, and words of encouragement I’ve received from all of you in the past 6 months and I’m thrilled to continue sharing the development of my brand with you. If you’re down for the ride, follow @kelleydaring on Instagram, Kelley Daring Handbags on Facebook, or visit and sign up for our newsletter!


  • Posted on by Tammy McIntyre

    I LOVE my Bagnet and have purchased several. Infact getting ready to purchase more for gifts. For the reviewer that stated this was a bad idea obviously does not have one. You don’t have to put them on the seat behind. I put mine either on my chair right next to me or the table post by my legs. I pay big bucks for my bags and would rather hold it during dinner then place on the floor so these magnets have really freed me up while feeling secure! They also hold my keys…bonus!

  • Posted on by LindA Neps

    Your Bagnet magnets for holding purses (or anything else) are absolutely perfect. They hold a heavy bag up off a dirty floor in a public restroom or a restaurant dining room, if needed. I purchased one for my daughter, myself and 3 daughters in law. Great idea!

  • Posted on by Kirsten Byrne

    Omg I absolutely adore you, LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bagnet and cannot friggin wait for the Kelley Daring line to drop! You’re an inspiration to so many women, young and old 💜

  • Posted on by Linda Lavine

    What a colossally bad idea. Seriously, a gadget that will keep a purse hanging BEHIND you in a restaurant. Just an opportunity for a purse-snatching. And mist bathrooms have a hook

  • Posted on by Elizabeth Barger

    Excited to see your offerings….I like how you think!

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