Its effect will be felt in all areas of life. The desire to reunite with family and friends will increase. Separation from loved ones has been hard, this may signify the need and ability for people to come together. At the same time, this month is favorable for solitude and peace, so if you've discovered you prefer your own company or that of a small group, take this month to continue on that path. 

The first part of April can be spent surrounded by family or a close group of friends (if safe to do so in your area). It's the perfect time for spring cleaning, time to let go of the weight of the last year, let in some sunshine.

Long trips including trips for business are undesirable. Changes are possible at work; it is not recommended to make rash acts. Business decisions including serious conversations with superiors or subordinates should be postponed until a later time.

At the end of the month, it is worth paying attention to health, especially to the nervous and digestive systems. Take time to relax and catch up on sleep. It is time for spring renewal, both in nature and in people. 


Aries tend to be the most direct and honest sign. They are natural-born leaders and driven by passion. It is their nature to take action, sometimes without considering the consequences. Aries can sometimes be moody and short-tempered but they also are determined, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

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