WHAT A YEAR 2021 HAS BEEN! It seems this year has been plagued by global supply chain delays, price increases, and resource shortages. Small businesses like Bagnet have done our best to minimize the effects on our customers, especially now, while it’s all culminating around the holiday shopping season. As I begin my own holiday shopping, I see the signs of impact on other small business, with notices of gifts taking weeks or even months to ship and steady price increases everywhere!  

Thankfully, here at Bagnet, we are small, but we are nimble. This has allowed us to plan and stock inventory early enough in the year to be able to support our customers through the holidays. It may sound simple enough, but what many customers don’t realize is that it takes about a year to produce a Bagnet. From design, prototyping, purchasing raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, and warehousing - there are major challenges that come with producing products that won’t actually be sold for months. For me, those challenges often come with panic attacks, ulcer-inducing “oh shit” moments, and a considerable amount of stress eating. Oh, and wine. Maybe I shouldn’t mention the wine.

Ultimately, Bagnet exists to make women’s lives easier, better, and more beautiful and that’s what keeps us going. It’s why we continue to meet these challenges head on, so we can support our customers during the busy, and often stressful, holiday season.

If it weren’t for you, our customers, we wouldn’t be here. When you purchase from us, not only are you supporting Bagnet, but you are supporting the six women (and their families) who make up our team. We’re so grateful for the way you’ve helped Bagnet on our small business journey since 2015 and we’d like to support you right back! We have hundreds of Bagnet styles to choose from so you can personalize your gifts and we’ve added the ability to choose your own ring type (polished nickel, shiny gold, antique brass, and perch) for even more customization. We recently launched our curated Bagnet Duos which include one regular size Bagnet and one mini Bagnet and come in beautiful packaging making them an easy gift set. Our team is here if you have any questions. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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