10 Reasons Why We Love Fall


ONE - Cozy clothes
Bring on all the leggings, sweaters, scarves and hats! Fall fashion is our favorite.

TWO - Pumpkin Spice anything
Venti PSL? Pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes? We are so here for it.

THREE - Changing leaves
There's something totally magical and playful about seeing the leaves change from green to gold and crunching down the sidewalk.

FOUR - Seasonal candles
Ambiance plus seasonal scents -- double win!

FIVEPumpkin Patch visits
Heading to our local pumpkin patch to shop crafty vendors, munch on caramel apples, go on hayrides and pick out a pumpkin to carve is a favorite tradition of ours.

SIX - Baking season
Pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread...you name it, we're baking (and eating) it.

SEVEN - The holidays
We love this special time of year when family + friends gather 'round to eat, drink and be merry!

EIGHT - Rainy days
We don't mind them during this time of year -- gives us an excuse to stay in our pajamas and wrapped in blankets all day.

NINE- Harvest moon
Despite shorter days, sitting on the porch underneath a bright, full moon enjoying the cool evening with a cup of cider is divine.
TEN - Change
Time, colors, seasons -- change is all good and we embrace it.

Your turn! Tell us -- what's your favorite part of fall?

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