Bagnet Trends & Updates

  • Big Changes Are Coming!

    Some big changes are coming to Bagnet! The past year I’ve been pretty heavily focused on getting Kelley Daring Handbags off the ground, but that doesn’t mean View Post
  • The Evolution of Bagnets

      Relatively speaking, the history of my company is short. I invented Bagnet in the winter of 2014 so it’s just over 4 years old. In those four years I have gone from inventing and patenting (which I did myself, the longest and most arduous task EVER) to hand-making and hawking at street fair... View Post
  • Fear of Failure

    Did you know I started two businesses prior to Bagnet? The first was an Interior Design company based here in Sacramento. I set up a website, made... View Post
  • Bag Line Update!

    About 6 months ago I announced my plan to design a line of handbags and take our followers along for the ride. From sketches to material selections to prototypes and samples, I wanted our loyal fans and followers to not only see the progress of the bag line but to have a voice in some of the design decisions . . . View Post
  • Why Bagnet Will Have A Voice

    Did you know I was voted ‘Most Likely To Lead A Protest’ in high school? You probably didn’t, considering I haven’t posted anything remotely controversial, political, or opinionated here. And that has been by design. The truth is, when my company was younger and smaller I sent out a newslette... View Post
  • Bagnet is Designing a Line of Handbags!

    I am so excited (and scared sh*tless TBH) to announce that I am designing a line of bags for Bagnet! You may be asking “have you ever designed handbags before?” Nope. “Do you have a background in fashion accessories?” No I do not. “Do you even have a background in design?!” Yes! I have a BA in in... View Post