Bagnet Trends & Updates

  • The Evolution of Bagnets

      Relatively speaking, the history of my company is short. I invented Bagnet in the winter of 2014 so it’s just over 4 years old. In those four years I have gone from inventing and patenting (which I did myself, the longest and most arduous task EVER) to hand-making and hawking at street fair... View Post
  • Fear of Failure

    Did you know I started two businesses prior to Bagnet? The first was an Interior Design company based here in Sacramento. I set up a website, made business cards, took photos of my work and . . . View Post
  • Bag Line Update!

    About 6 months ago I announced my plan to design a line of handbags and take our followers along for the ride. From sketches to material selections to prototypes and samples, I wanted our loyal fans and followers to not only see the progress of the bag line but to have a voice in some of the design decisions . . . View Post
  • Why Bagnet Will Have A Voice

    Did you know I was voted ‘Most Likely To Lead A Protest’ in high school? You probably didn’t, considering I haven’t posted anything remotely controversial, political, or opinionated here. And that has been by design. The truth is, when my company was younger and smaller I sent out a newslette... View Post
  • Bagnet is Designing a Line of Handbags!

    I am so excited (and scared sh*tless TBH) to announce that I am designing a line of bags for Bagnet! You may be asking “have you ever designed handbags before?” Nope. “Do you have a background in fashion accessories?” No I do not. “Do you even have a background in design?!” Yes! I have a BA in in... View Post
  • Meet Kelley

    Did you know that I invented Bagnet in 2014 and handmade thousands of them to sell to women at street faires and holiday shows in the Bay Area (with my amazingly supportive husband in tow)? I worked my day job selling commercial furniture and spent my nights and weekends making and selling Bagnet... View Post