Bagnet Trends & Updates

  • Bagnet is Designing a Line of Handbags!

    I am so excited (and scared sh*tless TBH) to announce that I am designing a line of bags for Bagnet! You may be asking “have you ever designed handbags before?” Nope. “Do you have a background in fashion accessories?” No I do not. “Do you even have a background in design?!” Yes! I have a BA in in... View Post
  • Meet Kelley

    Did you know that I invented Bagnet in 2014 and handmade thousands of them to sell to women at street faires and holiday shows in the Bay Area (with my amazingly supportive husband in tow)? I worked my day job selling commercial furniture and spent my nights and weekends making and selling Bagnet... View Post
  • The Bamboo Bag Trend

    If you have been on Instagram lately, you have most likely seen an influencer posing with a bamboo/wooden bag. They are THE bag trend of the summer. Below are a few ranging from high end to low so you'll be sure to find the perfect one to take on your Summer vacay. 1. Cult Gaia 2. ASOS   ... View Post
  • Kid's Bags to pair with Kid's Bagnets

    Our Kids line is so fun, so we picked a few fun backpacks to pair them with! Of course, they aren't just for kids, so don't be afraid to throw one on your own purse or backpack! Stay tuned for some brand new shapes coming soon! 1. Velvet Backpack Pair with Glitter the Unicorn! 2. Patch It Up ... View Post
  • Handbag of the Month: May

    Summer is right around the corner! I find that having a small cross body bag is perfect for summer travels and weekend getaways. This bag from J crew was seriously made for Bagnet! Just remove the little decorative tab and clip it on! Of course, Bagnet can always be clipped to the hardware on the... View Post
  • We are having a contest to see who can create the best Bagnet In Action photos! Our favorites will be featured in an upcoming Bagnet video and winners will receive a $25 Bagnet gift card for each photo we select!   Here’s your mission: 1 – Be sure you’re following us on Instagram 2 – Post a photo... View Post